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Welcome to Medical, Health and Education Ltd, the simple one-stop solution for all your drug and alcohol testing needs. We provide drug testing kits, drug awareness training, workplace policy development and implementation. Our experts have decades of experience in the industry and can cater for all of your consultancy needs.

We are specialists when it comes to on-site urine drug tests, saliva drug tests, breath-alcohol and saliva-alcohol tests, etc, and we can provide you with all of the necessary training and support you will ever need. In fact, we pride ourselves on providing industry leading technical support completely free of charge, so feel free to contact us with any questions you have. To help you decide which alcohol and drug test kits are going to be most suitable for you, we have added a frequently asked questions zone below to help answer customer questions, but would always be happy to support by telephone or email.

Whether you are a concerned parent interested in home drug tests, a medical professional looking for the latest in drug screening products and services, or an employer in the UK seeking to reduce the potential impact of drugs and alcohol in the workplace, you have come to the right place. We offer a full and comprehensive range of on-site drug and alcohol test kits, laboratory testing services, drug awareness training courses and drug and alcohol policy development services – all of which are supported by the knowledgeable, professional, friendly and courteous team here at MHE.

Urine Drug Testing Kits

MHE urine drug testing kits are available in single drug test cassette format and either a ten or a thirteen drug integrated test cup – any of which will provide maximum ease of use, at prices which fall within your budget.

MHE 10 Drug / 13 Drug Integrated Test Cups provide you with clear and highly accurate results in just 5 minutes or less. You are able to save both time and money, and never need to worry about the reliability of the test results. Our kits hold a wide range of accreditation and endorsements and are used in random workplace drug testing programmes all over the UK.

MHE Saliva Drug Tests (Oral Fluid Swab Tests)

Both the 6 and 7 drugs testing oral / saliva swabs we offer are highly accurate and give results in a matter of minutes. These are particularly useful for detecting drug use over the last few hours. Oral fluid tests do have a shorter detection window than urine tests, but they are very practical if toilet facilities aren’t immediately available. Drug use can be detected for typically just under a day in saliva using on-site swab tests, whereas the detection window in urine is usually around 2 to 4 days (with Cannabis taking longer, depending on the extent of use).

All MHE drug testing kits are FDA approved, CE marked and manufactured in facilities with ISO 9001, ISO 13485, cGMP and EN 46001 compliance, ensuring you have the most accurate, reliable equipment available.

Visit our Saliva Drug Test or Urine Drug Test pages for further information.

Cocaine Surface Drug Test Wipes – Detect Cocaine Presence Just By Wiping Surfaces

We are also able to offer Cocaine Surface Drug Test Wipes which can be used to test for drugs. Simply wipe a surface to see if cocaine has been used there – or if people handling cocaine have recently touched the surface.

Visit our Cocaine Surface Drug Test Wipes page for more information.

Alcohol Test Kits – Saliva and Breath Alcohol Tests

MHE offer a choice of Home Office Approved evidential breathalysers, non-evidential electronic breathalysers, as well as individual disposable alcohol test kits for use on breath or saliva samples. The disposable devices are based upon a simple to read colour change, whereas the electronic units provide a numerical value. The electronic alcohol testing kits allow you to test patients to a pre-determined level (usually the England / Wales legal drink drive limit), but a lower limit (such as the Scottish drink-drive limit or Network Rail Standards) can easily be applied. There are two types of Electronic breathalyser units available – an evidential unit (which produces results admissible in a court of law if required) and a non-evidential unit.

Visit our Alcohol Test Kits page for more information

Drug Testing Accessories

In order to make the substance misuse testing process as clean and simple as possible, we can supply all of the accessories that you are likely to need, including urine collection cups and PPE, including disposable gloves, aprons, visors, Type IIR surgical masks, etc. Contact us for details and a bespoke quotation.

Laboratory Services for Urine Drug Screening

We offer UK laboratory facilities for urine drug screening and confirmation using LC-MS/MS confirmation testing (High Performance Liquid Chromatography / Mass Spectrometry). This is the gold standard in laboratory testing). To ensure consistent quality, the laboratory only uses the latest equipment and operates under ISO 9001 quality assurance systems and holds ISO/IEC 17025 UKAS accreditation, providing results permissible as evidence in a court of law if needed.

Visit our Laboratory Drug Testing Services page for further information

Hair Drug Test Services

We are able to offer a complete service for Hair Follicle Drug testing. This can be as simple as the provision of the collection kit for use by a third party, or where we also conduct the collection under full chain of custody procedures and controlled conditions.

Hair Drug Testing has the advantage of being able to detect drug use over a much longer time-frame than either urine tests or saliva tests can. This can be especially useful to determine abstinence in family court/custody matters for instance. Hair testing is available for 1, 2 or 3 month periods / sections and for a wide range of drugs, which must be specified at the time of test.

Visit our Hair Drug Testing Services page for further information

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training and Policy Development

MHE have a wide range of cost effective training and consultancy services available. These include drug awareness training courses for employers, drug and alcohol policy development and implementation, and comprehensive certified training in workplace drug testing procedures. For companies wishing to implement a drugs and alcohol policy, our consultants can carry out the majority of the hard work for you, leaving you free to continue the day-to-day running of your business. We can even offer train-the-trainer courses for training to be cascaded in-house. Our training courses can be delivered in person via practical workshops or via distance learning / Microsoft Teams. We support all of our courses with online video tutorials, free protocols, consent forms and the rest of the documentation you might need.

When it comes to drug and alcohol policy development, we offer to review your current drugs policy free of charge and provide a comprehensive report on any areas which could benefit from further content. We itemise everything, so you could tighten and improve your policy at no cost, with no obligation. Having seen the suggestions, if you prefer us to conduct the work on your behalf, we have very competitive flat rate fees to ensure your policy is as robust as possible.

Visit our Drug Awareness Training page or Drugs and Alcohol Policy Consultancy Services page for more information

Drug and Alcohol Information

As Sir Francis Bacon famously said, “Knowledge is Power”. This sentiment is especially true with regard to Drugs and their symptoms / effects / signs of use, etc. Visit our drug information page for detailed information on Cannabis, Cocaine, Heroin and many other drugs of abuse – both legal and illegal – including the signs, effects and symptoms of use you need to be aware of. We cover the retention times, the slang terms and longer term dangers.

Drug and Alcohol Testing FAQ

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