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Medical Health and Education Ltd offer a UK wide drug testing service. We work with a broad range of different clients with a focus on workplace drug and alcohol testing. We customise our approach to each individual customer, as their screening needs often vary, but usually our testing service falls into the following three categories:

1) Testing your own staff in-house and sending samples away to the laboratory when positive – We can train and certificate your staff in the testing procedure, then provide you with easy-to-use on-site drug test equipment. To test your staff, the cost per person tested averages about £12 per person plus VAT.

2) Prearranged on-site collection by ourselves – which is cheaper than emergency response and requires no annual fee (often used for random testing or pre-employment testing). This averages around £30-£40 per person plus VAT. It is the identical process as 1), but with an hourly rate and mileage for the collecting officer that we provide as part of the service.

or 3) Emergency guaranteed 2 hour response drug screening service – unfortunately, this is the most costly solution.  This is for accident or incident situations and is extremely time sensitive, particularly in the case of alcohol consumption.  This could be as much as £350-£400 for a call out, even if there are only a couple of people involved in an incident, and this doesn’t include the annual fee for having a service which is 24/7/365 on call.

So which drug testing service is best for you?

Drug Screening Services Option 1:

The most economical way to do the testing is to urine test for drugs with a 10 drug cup, then use a breathalyser to look for alcohol. If both are negative, then no further tests are required. If anything shows on the breathalyser, then a secondary alcohol test 20 minutes later will show if the level is rising or falling. It will also rule out mouth contamination.  If the second breath test is above your chosen limit, or if the drug test is positive, then the urine sample you have already collected is sent off to the laboratory using a laboratory chain of custody pack.  This creates an evidential result for both drugs and alcohol, as the lab automatically tests for both. 

The test equipment and laboratory services average around £12 per person (assuming a positivity rate below 10 percent), but we would recommend that designated staff are trained in the process.  A workplace drug testing training course for this is £347 plus VAT (with £45 plus VAT mileage) for up to ten attendees and covers them for three years.  The cost is for the whole course and not per person.  Attendees are provided all documentation, Training Videos and certification.

Option 2 – Prearranged Sample Collection:

Please find below the rates for our pre-arranged on-site sample collection and workplace drug testing, conducted under full chain of custody. All prices are subject to VAT.

  • 9am – 5pm random testing day rate for on-site sample collection @ £90 per hour, minimum call-out 2 hours.
  • 5pm – 10pm random testing evening rate for on-site sample collection @ £130 per hour, minimum call-out 2 hours.
  • 10pm – 9am random testing night rate for on-site sample collection @ £165 per hour, minimum call-out 2 hours.

Plus a mileage charge capped at £45 within 150 miles of DE11 7AE.  151-200 miles is £75 and 201-250 miles is £100.  This is based upon mainland UK.

We are normally able to test 3 – 4 people per hour on average, up to a maximum of 5 – 6 per hour. Consumables used and lab fees are charged at list price as per our standard order form / price list, or we can use your stock of equipment. 

As standard, we screen for 10 drugs plus alcohol (if urine testing), or 6 drugs plus alcohol if saliva testing.In the event someone shows positive on the screen, the lab packs are £10 each and the evidential LC/MS/MS lab analysis is between £45 and £65 plus VAT, depending on which drugs are found.

We can conduct the random selection process for you, or you can notify us of the selections when we attend site, but we need to know the quantity of tests prior to attending.

Option 3 – Emergency Response Drug Testing Service:

Please see below a quotation for the emergency response on-site drug and alcohol testing service we offer.  This is for a RISQS compliant solution, so it will cover any of your sites, meeting the highest retirement for accreditation.

The annual contract fee for offering the dedicated 24/7/365 2 hour emergency response drug and alcohol testing service is £390 plus VAT.  (This goes towards manning the 24/7 phone number and keeping the network of RISQS compliant chartered nurses on call).  You will then be provided with a dedicated 24/7 telephone number and a security pin. Upon each call-out (with an emergency response within 2 hours) a fee of £295 plus VAT covers the urine sample collection and evidential electronic breath alcohol test of the primary donor.  The fast-tracked RISQS approved laboratory screen of this sample would then be a further £55 plus VAT.

If multiple people are to be tested, a further £50 plus VAT is charged for each additional sample collection, plus the £55 charge for each fast-tracked RISQS approved laboratory screen.  If the samples analysed are negative, no further costs are incurred.  If anything is positive,  the fast-tracked GC/MS confirmation of positive results costs £65 plus VAT per drug.  The fast-tracked service returns results within a 48 hour window from receipt of sample.

If you would like to proceed to the next stage for any of the options described above, please contact us by telephone on 01283 375093 or email us via our contact us page.  We will send through the paperwork required to set up your company / location(s) / points of contact on the system. We look forward to being of service.

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