Is a Drug and Alcohol Policy right for your business?

How a Drug and Alcohol Policy can help your business financially.

A Drug and Alcohol policy can be beneficial in many ways :

  • Alcohol is estimated to cause up to 5% of all absences from work.
  • Up to 14 million working days are lost each year through alcohol misuse alone.
  • Drugs and/or alcohol are estimated to be a contributory factor in nearly 25% of all workplace accidents.
  • Alcohol is implicated in nearly 60% of UK workplace fatalities.
  • Substance misuse is likely to result in reduced company performance and a decline in profitability.
  • Substance abuse issues lead to a reduction in internal morale and customer confidence.
  • Having a drugs and alcohol policy in place reduces the likelihood of accidents at work due to alcohol and drug abuse.
  • Firms without an alcohol and drug policy tend to have a higher staff turnover.
  • It has been calculated that a substance abuser costs their employer in excess of £8000 per annum.
  • Substance misuse can lead to poor customer and public perception as a result of bad publicity and tarnished reputation.
  • Higher risk = Higher insurance premiums or lower cover availability. A robust drug & alcohol policy reduces risk.

A Drugs Policy leads to a healthier and safer workforce.

  • Fewer accidents or incidents.
  • Lower absenteeism due to active substance misuse and the after-effects of substance misuse.
  • A better trained and educated workforce, encouraging individual responsibility.
  • Protection against wrongful dismissals and tribunal cases, as informed and legally defensible actions can then be taken.
  • Higher productivity and efficiency.
  • Increased employee morale and enhanced customer confidence.
  • Access to new markets where a robust and active D&A policy is a pre-requisite for entry.
  • Lower associated occupational health / health care costs.

At MHE, our policy development specialists have upwards of 20 years’ experience of delivering drug policies for businesses in all industry sectors, along with policy development for schools and colleges.

Let us take away the headache and hard work by providing you with a bespoke policy, tailored exactly to your requirements.  We are happy to review and report on your existing policy completely free of charge, with no obligation.

With our detailed report, you are free to amend your own drugs and alcohol policy.  But if you would prefer us to handle all of the small print for you, ensuring that everything is in keeping with current (and future) legislation and best practice, then a fee of £197 plus VAT is all it takes.  This is regardless of whether it is a completely new drug and alcohol policy, or a review of your existing policy document.

Contact the friendly experts at MHE for free advice on 01283 375093 or visit our Contact Us page to email us.

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