AL7000 Breath Alcohol Test Breathalyser (Non-Evidential)


AL7000 Breath Alcohol Test Breathalyser Units (Non-Evidential) give an accurate and instant breath alcohol result.  They are an excellent cost effective alternative to more expensive evidential units.  They perform the same task with accuracy, but where an evidential result is required, confirmation of positive results by a secondary test (such as a laboratory urine test) is required.  If combined with urine drug testing, in the event of a positive result, the urine sample is already available for laboratory testing. The AL7000 is £91 plus VAT.

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Electronic Breath Alcohol Testing Units

If you are testing for alcohol on a frequent basis, it is more cost effective to use an electronic breathalyser unit. Our electronic breath alcohol test units are very high quality and use disposable mouthpieces and pre-calibrated sensor chips to ensure that every test is as accurate as the last.

AlcoMate Prestige Electronic Breath Alcohol Unit

The AlcoMate Prestige Electronic Breathalyser is unique in it’s class. All other breath testing units require costly annual calibration or their accuracy diminishes. However, due to a clever new patent pending system, you simply replace the sensor module after 300 tests or 1 year – whichever comes sooner. One-way “flow check” mouthpieces are provided in lots of 100.

● FDA 510(k) Certified ● NF/CE Mark ● DOT/NTHSA Approved ● Meets US Coast Guard Requirements ● Detection Range: 0.00% – 0.40% BAC ● Accuracy: +/-0.01 at 0.10% BAC ● Deep-lung air sampling system ● Pressure sensor system ● Cumulative Test Counter ● Low Battery Indicator ● One-way air mouthpieces ● Auto Power-Off ● 1 year warranty ● Lifetime Tests: 3000 tests

Electronic Breathalyser Pricing:

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  • AlcoMate Prestige Electronic Breathalyser £91.00
  • AlcoMate Prestige Mouthpieces (Pack of 100) £35.00
  • AlcoMate Prestige Sensor Module Replacement £20.00

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