Cocaine Surface Drug Wipe for Cocaine Identification


The easy to use convenient MHE Cocaine Surface Drug Test Wipes can detect cocaine from trace amounts of residue left on surfaces that have been in contact with cocaine or that have been handled with contaminated hands.

Measuring 6″ x 5″, these wipes are incredibly simple to use and results are immediate. Simply rub the surface in question with one of our Cocaine identification drug wipes and, where cocaine is present, the drug wipe will turn blue.

Please note: These drug wipes are a presumptive screening test for information purposes only. Any preliminary positive results must be confirmed by an alternative methodology before any action is taken.

Will detect: Cocaine Hcl (powder) or Cocaine Base (crack or freebase).

Identify cocaine in company bathrooms, desks, door handles, light switches or any other surfaces that are smooth, flat and frequently handled. These are a very simple drug test kit to use, but are also very effective!


Manufacturer’s Instructions for drug wipe skin contact:

Wipe reagent off gently.  Immediately wash hands thoroughly using soap and water.


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