PCR Test To Release (TTR) Sample Collection Pack (Includes Analysis and Certificate)


A gold standard PCR Test To Release swab test with a 24 hour laboratory turnaround time. A negative Test To Release (TTR) PCR Test on day 5 of quarantine from “Amber List” countries allows an early exit from quarantine after entering the UK.  This product listing is for a single TTR PCR swab pack, to be self administered and returned by Royal Mail’s Biological Specimen Service.  £80 Plus VAT (£96 including VAT and delivery).

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UK PCR Testing for COVID-19 Coronavirus to Exit Quarantine Early (TTR)

The Government’s Test To Release (TTR) Programme is aimed at helping to reduce the impact of quarantine after returning to the UK from overseas travel. The TTR PCR Test is a gold standard swab to be self administered and returned by Royal Mail’s Biological Specimen Service. Results are currently being processed within a 24 hour laboratory turnaround time and are sent to you by email and SMS for instant notification of the results.

The pack includes:

  • A Transportation Box
  • Instruction Sheet With Diagrams
  • A CE Marked Self Collection Swab
  • A Protective Swab Case For Transportation (Complete With Sample Label)
  • A Biological Specimen Bag (for Transportation)
  • A Tracked 24 Hour Shipping Label


What is a PCR Test and What Does PCR Stand For?

PCR testing detects specific genetic material from the COVID-19 coronavirus. If a person is carrying the genetic material of the virus in their nose or throat, it indicates that they will have a current and active infection. This can occur before symptoms are apparent, or before the person has started to produce antibodies against the disease. PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. It is a process used to detect the RNA of the virus.

How Does The PCR Coronavirus Test Laboratory Service Work?

The PCR swabs are dispatched with the full transportation packaging and instructions necessary for collecting a suitable sample and getting it to the laboratory. The packs are designed for self-collection.  The sample is then sent to the laboratory using a pre-paid special Royal Mail tracked delivery service via the specially designated Royal Mail Priority Post boxes.  Royal Mail guarantee a 24 hour delivery for biological samples using this service.

The moment the sample arrives at the laboratory analysis starts. This process can take up to 24 hours to complete. A PDF report is then generated and sent by email to your nominated email address. We also send an SMS Text to your nominated mobile number for instant notification of the results.  The laboratory report shows your coronavirus status at the time the sample was collected.

Prices (Subject to VAT)

This PCR TTR testing service is £80 plus VAT including the sample collection pack and shipping to a UK mainland destination.  This is £96 including VAT.


For low numbers of tests, please order via our shopping cart, then complete our TTR Booking Form for each passenger.   For larger numbers / ongoing corporate testing requirements, please call us on 01283 375093 or email us to order in bulk (invoice terms available).  We accept card payment via secure checkout.

A negative Test To Release test allows you to exit quarantine from Amber List countries early.

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