Consultancy and Free Technical Support

Consultancy and Free Technical Support

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Free Advice from Your Friendly Experts

More than 2 Decades of Experience in Drug Testing and Medical Diagnostics at your Fingertips

In such a complex industry, spanning medical, legal and scientific fields, we wouldn’t expect you to have all the answers.  That is what WE are here for!

We pride ourselves in being there for our customers when it truly matters.

This is why we offer premium and industry leading technical support for FREE.  Just call us on 01283 375093 or use the form below to message us.

Whether you need to know an aspect of employment law, some best practice, or even if a medication is going to affect a test, just contact us.  It’s FREE!

  • Need advice that may cover legal, medical, policy or best practice?  We’ve got you covered!
  • With well over 20 years’ experience in the industry, we know exactly what works and what doesn’t.  Let us shortcut you to success.
  • Why do we support our customers for FREE?  Because we value them!  Our customers become our friends and we work together for many years to come. 

Customer Service with a Smile and Free Technical Support

We understand that when someone calls us, they are looking for answers.  The right answers, in a timely fashion.  We do our best to shortcut our customers to a successful outcome and enjoy doing so.  After all, your success is our success.

So feel free to contact us whenever you need.  We provide advice, support, templates, protocols, video tutorials, supporting letters and anything else you may require.

MHE ISO 9001: 2015 Accreditation

Free Technical Support

Let us handle any of your ongoing technical support questions.  Legal, medical or procedural, we’ve got you covered!

Policy Review

We are happy to provide a free report on your current drug and alcohol policy.  We will look for anything missing, anything to improve and anything that could be detrimental to your business.

Laboratory Result Interpretation

All laboratories will give you results, but very few offer a detailed layman’s interpretation.  Let us explain your results in a simple and easy to understand format for every report.

Please call 01283 375093

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