Drug and Alcohol Policy Development

Drug and Alcohol Policy Development

All organisations can benefit from an agreed policy on drug/alcohol misuse. You could include a drug and alcohol policy as part of your overall health and safety policy – Health and Safety Executive (HSE.gov.uk)

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Robust Drug Policy Is Essential for your Legal Protection

If you are looking for a comprehensive drug and alcohol policy for your workplace, school or college, you are in the right place.

Having a robust drug and alcohol policy is a must for modern companies to help comply with increasingly demanding health and safety requirements.

With over half of all road and industrial fatalities involving drugs, alcohol or both, it is increasingly common for companies to manage this risk through drug and alcohol policy development.  Something so important cannot be left to chance.  A recent study of 8000 young motorists conducted by the motoring magazine, Auto Trader, showed that over 40% of young drivers felt fine to drive after using illegal drugs.

According to BRAKE, the road safety charity, Drug-driving prosecutions almost doubled in 2018, and more than 40% of drivers screened for drugs (during December 2017) were found to be impaired.

It is therefore no wonder that the number of fatal crashes involving drivers impaired by drugs or medicines increased by 8% in 2017-2018.

Having suitable policies and procedures simply ensures that your workforce or college is putting out the right message and reinforcing a deterrent, in order to keep your site safe.  We have seen client positivity rates drop from 60% to 2-5% in just a few short months.  So this process works – it just needs to be well communicated and periodically visible to staff.

At MHE, our policy development specialists have upwards of 20 years’ experience in delivering drug policies for businesses of all industry sectors, along with policy development for schools and colleges.

Let us take away the headache and hard work by providing you with a bespoke policy, tailored exactly to your requirements.  We are happy to review and report on your existing policy completely free of charge, with no obligation.

With our detailed report, you are free to amend your own drugs and alcohol policy.  But if you would prefer us to handle all of the small print for you, ensuring that everything is in keeping with current (and future) legislation and best practice, then a fee of £197 plus VAT is all it takes.  This is whether it is a completely new drug and alcohol policy, or a review of your existing policy document.

The process involves a brief telephone consultation, where we assess your requirements and preferences, then around a week to provide your draft policy document.  Further revisions within a 3 month period are completely free of charge.

If you prefer to be a little more hands on, you may prefer us to conduct a drug and alcohol policy development workshop, where your senior management can be guided through the process of developing a robust policy.

  • MHE have extensive experience in developing policy for businesses and colleges of all sizes.
  • Laying out your organisation’s expectations ensures that you are legally protected and everyone knows where they stand.
  • We provide fast, effective and affordable policy development services, beginning with a completely free review.

What is the Drug Policy Review / Development Process?

No Appointment Needed

We are happy to discuss your requirements, but no appointment is needed to receive a free review of your drug and alcohol policy. Simply email it to us and one of our experts will report on it free of charge.

Expert Advice

Our friendly experts will advise if any clauses may hurt your business and will detail any areas which are missing, or which require strengthening.

Cost Effective

You are completely free to use the report / advice we provide with no fee or obligation.  If, having seen what needs to be done, you prefer to engage our services, we can do the work for you for a flat fee of £197 plus VAT.

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