Drug Awareness Training

Drug Awareness Training

Raise awareness within your business or college today!

We have a range of drug and alcohol awareness training courses to suit any requirement.  These are delivered by former Forensic Laboratory staff, policy experts or qualified Teachers, depending upon the course and customer requirement.  We offer bespoke courses, but our standard range of courses include:

  • Alcohol and Drug Awareness for Companies.
  • Workplace Drug and Alcohol Testing.
  • Drug and Alcohol Policy Development Workshops.
  • Workplace Employee Briefings (Prior to the launch of a new company policy).
  • Drug Awareness for Schools and Colleges.
  • Drug and Alcohol Awareness for Foster Carers.

We have a wide range drug awareness training courses available.

  • Distance Learning is Available NOW!

    Distance learning training courses are available now via Google Meet or Microsoft Teams.  These live broadcasting platforms support most devices, including those running on Android, iOS, PC and Mac.

Drug and Alcohol Awareness Training Courses and Workshops

Pick a course that is right for YOU.

Please contact us for course availability and pricing.  The training can be customised to your specifications, but typically our awareness courses cover the following areas:

Course content includes:

  • Understanding the prevalence of the problem and its impact upon the workplace.
  • Your legal obligations – what you can and can’t do, along with what is required by law in certain situations.
  • Spotting the signs and symptoms of abuse.
  • Information about each drug type, because different drugs affect safety in different ways.
  • The mechanics of drug and alcohol testing, including demonstration with synthetic samples and test equipment.
  • The full chain of custody procedures and protocols explained, with followup online training videos and documentation.

The Details:

Our most common drugs awareness course is 3.5 to 4 hours, and usually runs from 1pm until 5pm unless an earlier time is requested (such as 11am until 3pm).  Cost is per course, not per person.  All attendees are certificated and all documentation is provided digitally – including online video tutorials.

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