Drug Education For Schools and Colleges

Drug Education For Schools and Colleges

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Meeting the 2020 National Curriculum Requirements

Drug Education Courses for both pupils and staff.

The Department of Education is firmly committed to tackling the increasing problem of the availability and use of illegal drugs. Schools have a key role to play in ensuring that young people understand the risks involved and have the confidence, knowledge and skills to avoid them. They have a major contribution to make in discouraging drug misuse, encouraging positive attitudes and self-esteem, and promoting healthy lifestyles.

Schools alone cannot solve the problem of drug misuse in society, but the implementation of an effective programme of drug education in all schools is an essential starting point.

It is currently a statutory requirement for every grant-aided school to have in place a drugs education policy.  This can only increase in the near future, as the Government has committed to making the health education and relationships education / RSE aspects of PSHE (personal social health education) compulsory from September 2020.

Drugs education is provided in the curriculum, which is taught to all pupils of compulsory school age in grant-aided schools.  In primary schools, pupils have opportunities to learn about keeping themselves healthy and safe through the Personal Health element of the Personal Development and Mutual Understanding area of learning.

In post-primary schools, pupils have opportunities to learn how to look after their health and well-being, keep safe and cope with their environment, and explore the risks and consequences of the misuse of drugs through the Personal Development element of the Learning for Life and Work area of learning.

However, practical real world experience in delivering the course content is often missing.

Medical, Health and Education Ltd are able to relate extensive experience in the medical, drug treatment, employment and educational sectors, and are every well positioned to cater for these requirements via interactive student workshops and staff training sessions under CPD (career professional development) and safeguarding.

  • The package we have put together uses our 20+ years of experience in the field to its best advantage and creates an easy off-the-shelf solution to schools who wish to fulfil their obligations.
  • Our current programme for both students / pupils and teaching staff has been very well received (especially when delivered by our fully qualified teaching staff) – with requests for us to return annually to repeat the sessions for each subsequent year group.
  • Contact us today to discuss how we can help your school or college meet this requirement in the most memorable and thought provoking way for the young minds in your care.

Interactive Drug Awareness Workshops For Students are Made to be Memorable.

This is interspersed with real-world experience in forensics, court cases, drug treatment and even the prison service – which gives students a gritty new insight into the dangers.

Booking is Simple

Let us know your chosen dates for the sessions, along with class sizes.  We will confirm availability and ensure we have enough resources for all of the activities.

Interactive and Memorable

We take the approach of providing transparent and frank information.  It’s about shattering the urban myths and uncovering the real dangers, whilst engaging students through activities.

Cost Effective

Sessions are cost effective, tailored to an age-appropriate level and keep the students in a state of surprise, as the more unusual risks or facts are brought out in quizzes.

Please call 01283 375093 for your Interactive Student Drug Education Workshop

Staff training courses are also available to assist with ongoing drug education.  Contact us via the email form below:

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