On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing / Sample Collection

On-Site Drug and Alcohol Testing / Sample Collection

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Independent Workplace On-Site Drug Screening Services

Random / Pre-Arranged Workplace Drug Testing

Workplace on-site drug and alcohol testing is a common health and safety practice for many businesses.  With just over half of all road and industrial fatalities involving either drink, drugs or a combination of both, companies often take steps to deter and prevent drug and alcohol misuse within their workforce through regular testing.

This can be done on a random basis, for cause, in accident or incident situations, or even in a pre-employment setting.  Companies often opt for either urine testing or saliva testing, but the window of detection is different.  Urine will provide a drug history measured in days, whereas saliva only covers a history of hours.

At MHE, we provide two main options:

  • We can train your staff in drug awareness and workplace drug testing procedures so you can conduct your own testing, or
  • We can attend your site to conduct the on-site drug and alcohol testing for you, under full chain of custody procedures.

Depending on customer preference, we can make the random selections from anonymous payroll numbers and attend site randomly throughout the year to carry out the screening, or else we can attend on specific one-off occasions to conduct the on-site drugs testing.

We charge an hourly rate for the screening and a small capped mileage charge, along with the raw cost of the disposable test kits and laboratory services used.  Testing 3-4 people per hour is realistic, but we can sometimes exceed this.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01283 375093 or email us for a quotation.

  • 53% of 16 to 29 year olds have used drugs in the last year.
  • Companies who have a well communicated drug testing policy in place have a 2 to 5 percent positivity rate, where some of those relate to medicines.
  • We see positivity levels exceeding 60 percent in some companies who don’t have testing in place, but who are suddenly obliged to do testing, for example to win a contract.

What is involved with Workplace Drug Screening?

Decide Upon Your Preferences

Urine or Saliva Testing?  Random or Pre-arranged?  Will you collect your own samples or have MHE do it for you?

Train your own staff or call in the Professionals?

We can attend site to conduct your testing, or offer half day courses for your staff to conduct testing in-house.

Cost Effective

If you test your own staff, the process averages about £10 per person.  Having independent collection averages around £30 per person.  Contact us for a quotation.

Please call 01283 375093 for details or to book.

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