UK PCR Testing for COVID-19 Coronavirus

We are pleased to announce that we now offer PCR testing for COVID-19 Coronavirus via our fast track laboratory service for UK customers. We offer a gold standard PCR swab test with results typically available in under 24 hours from receipt of sample. This service is available to healthcare clients, corporate clients and the general public if they are looking for a private coronavirus test. It also acts as a confirmation test to verify results from our on-site finger-prick coronavirus antibody test kits and our Government Approved Antigen Test Kits. We offer general PCR Testing, Fit to Travel PCR Tests (with a Certificate from a Medical Doctor to ensure you are Fit to Fly where required), Day 2 and 8 Travel Packages and Test To Release (TTR) PCR Testing to enable early exit from quarantine after travel.

Many countries now accept Lateral Flow Travel Testing for those who are fully vaccinated, so please check the destination requirements if this applies to you:

What is PCR Testing and What Does PCR Stand For?

PCR testing relies on detecting the genetic material specifically from the COVID-19 coronavirus. If someone is carrying the genetic material of the virus in their nose or throat, it generally indicates they have a current and active infection. This can occur before symptoms are detected or before the person’s body has started to produce antibodies against the disease. PCR stands for polymerase chain reaction. It is a process used to detect the RNA of the virus.

What is the difference between finger-prick Antibody Coronavirus Test Kits, Antigen Test Kits and PCR Swab Testing?

Antibody tests are viewed as a historical test (giving a short term history of your viral status), whereas PCR and antigen tests are known as “virus tests” because they are looking for the current presence of the virus in your nose or throat. PCR testing is a laboratory process that requires technical equipment and trained technicians to operate. You can collect your own sample (as the swab pack is designed for both self administered collection and professional collection), but the test itself is performed in the laboratory. Antibody test kits and antigen test kits are sometimes referred to as point of care tests, as they are carried out on-site and do not need to be sent away. PCR testing is more costly and time-consuming than point of care lateral flow tests (either antibody or antigen tests). However, it is deemed to be the current gold standard in terms of accuracy and to confirm the presence of COVID-19 and is often required for foreign travel or to confirm on-site test results from disposable rapid test kits. On-site coronavirus tests, which operate via a finger-prick (in the case of antibody testing) or a swab (in the case of lateral flow antigen test kits), are very cost effective in comparison and give results in just 15 minutes, but they are used to conduct mass screening, rather than act as a confirmation test. So if you are screening large numbers of people, and want an immediate result for a low cost, the disposable on-site coronavirus test kits are the ideal choice. But if you need a confirmation test to act as evidence, or for use as a self administered test by someone who is isolated with symptoms, then the PCR test is the best choice.

How Does The PCR Coronavirus Test Laboratory Service Work?

The PCR swabs are sent with the full transportation packaging and instructions for collecting a suitable sample. They have been designed to enable self collection if required.  The sample then travels back to the laboratory via a special Royal Mail tracked service via the specially designated Royal Mail Priority Post boxes. This guarantees a 24 hour delivery via the service supplied for biological samples. 

As soon as the sample arrives at the laboratory, the analysis is usually complete within 24 hours. A PDF report is then generated and sent by email to your nominated contact email address. The report shows a snapshot of your coronavirus status at the point of sample collection. We also generate an SMS text message for swift notification right to your phone. This is very helpful for those self isolating with symptoms, to enable them to determine if they are carrying COVID-19 or for those who are flying to countries with current flight restrictions. PCR testing is the current gold standard testing methodology to document fitness to fly. 

How To Order a Coronavirus PCR Test Online

For companies wishing to conduct PCR testing on a larger scale (on account), please contact us. We would also be happy to help with training on how to use your PCR swabs or coronavirus test kits. We also stock a wide range of medical PPE / Personal Protective Equipment. For Lateral Flow Travel Tests, please visit our Travel Tests page.

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